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Remembering Hurricane Ivan

16 years ago, on September 11th, category 5 Hurricane Ivan paid a very long and very slow moving visit to the Cayman Islands. The devastating hurricane was originally on track to pass to the north of Grand Cayman, but then dipped south by just the smallest degree and, instead, churned along the east, south and west coasts of Grand Cayman, causing severe damage that, until this day, can still be seen. In Cayman there is a time reference many people use; before or after Ivan. For those who were here to experience this storm, still recorded as one of the strongest hurricanes in the history of the Caribbean, memories of sitting through and surviving the hurricane pop up during dinner and over drinks all these years later.

Ivan was a hurricane that will never be forgotten.

Cayman’s resilience and strength has rebuilt Cayman to be stronger than ever. In this blog we share before and after photos and images that were taken in the moments and days after the storm once residents were allowed out and roads had been scraped to make them passable. For a while, getting to East End entailed a 4 wheel drive.

Standing back up after Ivan took a long time, but we were able to invite cruise tourism back by the end of November 2004 and we’ve not looked back since!

Today, the Cayman Islands, thanks to the resilience of its people, is stronger than ever.

Our verdant isle today
Coral Stone Club after Ivan
Coral Stone Club recovered
Public Beach on September 13th
Public Beach recovered
Ocean Club just days after the storm
Ocean Club today
Coco Walk, South Sound on September 13th
Coco Walk, finally recovered
The Marriott on Seven Mile Beach suffered sever damage
Rebuilt to category 5 standards
South Sound Road was not passable for days after Ivan.
South Sound road's mangroves sadly never grew back after Ivan, but the casuarinas and palms did.
Who remembers The Coffee Grinder? Ivan was the sad end of a great coffee shop
Today though, we enjoy awesome Icoa!
Mariner's Cove, a strata of condos that were literally wiped away and sadly, never rebuilt.
Still a surf spot loved by many though!
Hurricane Ivan 3 037
Hurricane Ivan 3 022
Hurricane Ivan 3 035
Hurricane Ivan 3 010
Hurricane Ivan 3 050
Hurricane Ivan 3 060
Hurricane Ivan 3 046

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