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Have Camera. Will Travel. | Tales of a Travel Photographer

From a young age, Julie Corsetti would find herself flipping through the pages of National Geographic imagining herself as a photographer of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. She was captivated by the faces and places that seemed worlds apart, but fast forward years later, she is living the dream as a travel photographer working throughout the Cayman Islands. While Julie loves an opportunity to update her passport stamp collection, she stresses that there is a lot that goes into travel photography that should also be considered.

>>> You Must Be Resilient, Tolerant and Flexible! 

With a variety of subject matter, travel photographers employ skills across all photographic disciplines including portraiture, landscape, wildlife, architectural, reportage and event photography.

Photos from exotic airports and epic locations might appear luxurious when viewed from a highly curated Instagram feed (Julie’s Instagram is no exception), but the reality is that the journey isn’t always as pretty. Long-haul flights are brutal to your body, and jet-lag can cripple your productivity while you acclimate to your surroundings. Travel delays, traffic, crowds, and oversold flights are all stressful, but that’s just what it takes to get there. However, the deeper you travel to distant lands and cultures, the more varied the people you’ll encounter – meaning tolerance for other cultures is necessary to access these places and document the realities within them.

In hindsight, the more willing you are to travel at a moment’s notice, the more opportunities you can access. Like anything, finding balance is where Julie has found the most success throughout her career as a photographer, both in the Cayman Islands and abroad.

While travel photography is a good deal of work, Julie is the first to admit the reward often times outweigh the difficulties. Working with organizations, individuals, brides, influencers, and cultures abroad has helped shape Julie into the businesswoman and artist she is today – and that’s what we love most about her!

Check out this photo sesh with North Carolina influencers and bloggers, Kat Corsetti and Angel Bolding. Interested in working with Julie Corsetti Photography for your next event, marketing or social media campaign? Drop us a line! 

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