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Annick And Her Wish To Meet The Sea

“Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to listen to your heart, and strong to live the life you imagined”

I was lying on the floor during a yoga class wondering where my life was going. For the first time in my life I didn’t have a plan. It was December 2019 and I was stuck!

It was in this time that I began to fantasize about doing an underwater photo shoot. That it would be the ultimate moment of freedom, to move me from feeling stuck!

There was only one slight problem…the deep! I would be feel panicked if my feet couldn’t touch the ground. But I started practicing. Learning to release the air from my lungs so I could sink to the bottom. Learning to hold my breath. Learning to relax my face and posing underwater while my sister peered from the surface telling me to fix my hands from the frozen frog position!

I booked the photo shoot in March with Julie Corsetti (love her work) but COVID happened. When we could finally move around freely, I re-booked only for us to cancel 3 times. Weather, work or the conditions of the sea. Would this moment ever happen?

Finally September 28th arrived. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the water was the clearest blue. I was anxious and nervous for a second but I began to relax.

I look at these photos now feeling overjoyed. I give thanks to God for this experiencec. These photos are a bold, brave and beautiful moment that was borne in a time of struggle.

Annick Jackman

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