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FBoy Island, Behind the Scenes with HBO Max

Hollywood hits Cayman! The Cayman Islands hosted the latest HBO MAX reality show “FBoy Island” and I was hired to be the Set/Stills photographer. My job was to photograph all the Behind the Scenes (BTS) for the 3 lead ladies and the 24 men, half of which are Nice guys and half as players, aka FBoys. While many in Cayman are unimpressed with the title of the show, my personal experience was nothing but wonderful.

Day 1 On Set – the message was clear – The Director  was firm with me – Get the shots, but don’t ever be on camera –  get in and get out of the camera’s way and whatever it takes, don’t get in the way. Slightly daunting when you are surrounded by 27 huge video cameras, always on the go.

What an amazing opportunity to be on set with such a big budget production. I don’t think I have ever worked so hard in my life, as my day ran from noon to midnight and often later, 6 days a week – however, I learned more in 5 weeks than I ever could have imagined,

Working alongside such an experienced and talented camera crew as a true honor. The entire crew and team were incredibly hard working and also completely dedicated to their trades as Producers, Cinematographers, Lighting specialists aka Gaffers, Art department, Audio Specialists, Casting/Talents Managers, Hair and Make-up…and the list goes on. There were over 150 crew that came in from the USA and another 50 -100 locals hired to help on set. Many took me under their wing to show me the tricks of the trade.

The amount of information I learned about how these shows are put together was mind blowing. Personally I think what was the most interesting was the lighting. It was fascinating  to watch how they could take the natural sunlight and by diffusing the sunshine with bounce boards and silks, could create the most magical light I had ever seen.

THANK you HBO Max and FBoy Island and I am incredibly excited to see that a Season 2 will be rolling out next year.

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